Women's Women's roller skates

Women's roller skates

Women's roller skates combine style, comfort, and performance for every skater. They are suitable for beginners and advanced skaters due to their stability and easy maneuverability. They feature various designs, from elegant to sporty, and high-quality materials for long-lasting durability.

Types of Shoes

  • Heeled shoes: Provide better support and stability, ideal for dance skating.
  • Sneaker-style shoes: Offer greater comfort and flexibility, suitable for recreational skating.


  • Size: Larger wheels (70-80 mm) are faster and suitable for smooth surfaces, while smaller wheels offer better maneuverability.
  • Hardness: Wheels with a hardness of 85A or less are ideal for outdoor skating, providing better grip and comfort on uneven surfaces.

Explore our wide range and find the perfect pair that fits you and enhances every move on skates.

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Rio Roller Script Peach
  • -36%
Jackson Vista Red
Jackson EVO Viper RWB
Jackson Vista Purple
Jackson EVO Viper Metallic
Impala Rollerskates Pink Tartan
  • -50%
Jackson Diva Sport Black
Rio Roller Script Grey