Handlebars for freestyle scooters differ in their shape, material, fork compatibility and dimensions.

The most common handlebar shapes are Y or T. Each shape is made for a different use, either in the skatepark or on the street. The difference in shape, for example, makes it convenient for some tricks, i.e. during a barspin you will be able to grab the T handlebars anywhere easily, but with the Y ones it can be more difficult. T handlebars can be wider than Y but this is not a rule.

Aluminum, steel or titanium are used in the production of handlebars. Aluminum handlebars are light but less durable, mostly used for IHC compression and in Y shape. Steel handlebars are strong, durable but heavy, mainly used with SCS and HIC systems. They can be of Y or T shape. Titanium handlebars are light, strong but more expensive. They are used with both SCS and HIC compression and are available in Y and T shape.

Regarding compatibility with the fork, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the handlebars are Standard (outer diameter approx. 32mm) or Oversized (outer diameter approx. 35mm). Standard handlebars mainly use IHC and SCS compression, and Oversized use HIC and SCS. You can find out whether the handlebars are compatible with SCS or with a classic clamp by looking for a cut at the bottom end. If they have a cut, you can use them with a socket and when you insert an adapter (a metal insert that fills the cut and thus eliminates it) into them, you can also use them with an SCS socket. If, on the other hand, they have no cut, they can only be used with the SCS socket.

When choosing, we recommend that you choose handlebars suitable for your riding style, appropriate height and width, and make sure that they fit with the other components on the scooter.

Ethic Trianon T 720 Polished
Ethic Trianon T 620 Polished
Ethic Trianon T 620 Black
Tilt Sentry Pro Scooter Bar
AO Chromoly V Bar
Prey Bar Titanium Bird Oversized
Triad Launder OS Butted Chromoly Bar
Ethic Deildegast 720 Flat Black
Ethic Deildegast 670 Flat Black
Ethic Deildegast 720 Raw
Raptor OS Swagger Bar
  • -45%
Ethic Dryade V2 Alu Bars 570 Raw
Ethic Dynasty V2 620 Polished
Ethic Dryade V2 Alu Bars 670 Black
Core Nova V2 Titanium Pro Bar 630
Core Nova V2 Titanium Pro Bar 680