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Sport Performance Sunglasses

Sport Performance Sunglasses

In recent years, sports glasses have become an integral part of several outdoor sports. Their primary role is to protect the eyes from dangerous UV and IR radiation. However, as soon as an athlete picks up speed, such as on a bicycle or skates, they have another task, namely to protect themselves from dangerously fast-flowing air. Unprotected eyes can be very easily irritated in such situations. Consequently, even greater demands fall on the aerodynamic sports glasses. What is more, extra-standard durability and the ability to absorb impact are also features sports glasses can offer.

Of course, not all glasses meet all these attributes. Brands such as Rudy Project, Uvex or Oakley, which you can find in our store, have several years of tradition and development behind them, thanks to which their products belong to the absolute top.

Choose from a wide range of simpler sports glasses or highly versatile models with replaceable lenses. If you prefer a more comfortable solution, photochromic glasses, which darken according to the intensity of sunlight, will serve you well.

Oakley Sutro Matte Carbon Prizm 24K OO9406-4794
  • -18%
100% S3 Soft Tact Glow Smoke Lens
  • -34%
Oakley Heliostat Steel Prizm Black OO9231-1568
  • -41%
100% Hypercraft Gloss Black Photochromic Lens
  • -38%
Oakley Sutro Sky Prizm Sapphire OO9406-4817
  • -36%
Uvex Sunsation
  • -30%