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Ethic dtc

Ethic dtc

Despite the fact that Ethic is a relatively new brand as far as the name is concerned, it already has a longer history, story and set goals and wishes behind it.

It was founded after the failure of District and Addict. Ethic dtc, as their name suggests, want to follow ethics in a money-driven world, and their vision is to make quality freestyle scooter parts available to anyone.

Their goal is to make riders independent and allow them to make choices to maximize their scootering experience.

Ethic Trianon T 720 Black
Ethic Tenacity T 670 Black
Ethic Erawan
  • -25%
Ethic Dryade V2 Alu Bars 570 Black
Ethic Dryade Alu Bars 670 Blue
  • -17%
Ethic Deildegast 720 Flat Black
Ethic Almasty V2 670 Raw
  • -31%
Ethic Dynasty V2 670 Polished
Ethic Dynasty V2 620 Transparent Black
Ethic Deildegast 670 Flat Black
Ethic Deildegast 720 Raw
Ethic DTC 12STD Bearings
Ethic Slim Grips
Ethic Pandora L
  • -15%
Ethic Erawan V2 M
  • -15%
Ethic HIC Shim