Powerslide Powerslide Inline Skates

Powerslide Inline Skates

Powerslide inline skates are one of the younger brands, but they certainly do not lack experience in the production of high-quality and reliable models. The German brand has been on the market since 1994 and despite the fact that speed skating is the main part of theirDNA, it covers the entire skating spectrum.

On the other hand, Powerslide is the biggest force which is pushing inline skating forward. They were the one to introduce a complex 3-wheel skates offer to the market. 3-wheel skates are lighter, absorb shocks better and have many variations of frame lengths for differents skating styles. The German manufacturer also introduced the innovative Trinity frame system, which gives the skates a lower center of gravity and better energy transfer. So far this is still not everything. Their motto "We love to skate" is reflected in every innovation that Powerslide regularly comes up with.

They just have something for everyone. Fitness models are represented by the classic and affordable Phuzion range, while performance-oriented riders will prefer the Swell model range. The wide assortment is also part of hardboot and freeskate skates, where demanding riders can choose from models such as Zoom, Imperial or Next. High-quality speed skates, a wide selection of aggressive models and children's adjustable skates are Powerslide's stable part of offer. 

Powerslide Phuzion Argon Berry 110
  • -20%
Powerslide Next Core Black 110
  • -38%
Powerslide Phuzion Argon Rose 100
  • -35%
Powerslide Next Core Black 80
  • -18%
Powerslide Pheme Ocean 100
  • -40%
Powerslide One Stargaze Black
  • -40%
Powerslide One Stargaze Pink
  • -40%
Powerslide Khaan Junior LTD
  • -36%