Fuzion Fuzion Freestyle Scooters

Fuzion Freestyle Scooters

Fuzion freestyle scooters belong to younger brands. They stand out for their inovative design, versatility and also a wide range of PRO models of individual riders, who can refreshen already available scooters with their input. Included are all types of models suitable for beginners as well as advanced riders.

Choose from models equipped with a compact deck and 110 mm wheels designed for the skatepark or one of the versions with a wider boxed deck, if your specialty is street riding. Models like the Z350 combine lightweight aluminum handlebars, a compact Entropy deck and an IHC compression. Combination of these components is a guarantee that there is nothing this scooter can not handle.

On the other hand,  Z250 model is designed to serve all beginner riders who are still learning big tricks. The smaller size is easier to control and more tolerant of beginner mistakes.