FR Skates FR inline skates

FR inline skates

Inline brand FR Skates was created as a continuation of the French brand Seba. The same French enthusiasts, who were behind the Seba are still standing strong and pushing FR skates forward. 

FR Skates became famous mainly thanks to the FR (freeride) model line. Their sturdy plastic boots use a proven shape combined with a comfortable inner liner. Thanks to various combinations of buckles, frames and wheels, they are great for advanced skaters looking for something premium, as well as for beginners, who do not want to invest too much, when starting their inline journey. 

The development of this young brand is not stopping at this point and it includes also models for children, freestyle slalom specialized models carrying names of pro skaters such as Igor or Daria.

An interesting innovation is also the UFR model range, which combines advantages of the UFS system (united frame system) known from aggressive skates with normal freeride skates. Thanks to this combination, you can benefit from the advantages of a solid plastic freeskate boot and use frames designed for tricks or powerblading.

FR Skates FR1 325
FR Skates FR3 80 Blue
FR Skates UFR 90 Intuition 2024