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Ethic Freestyle Scooters

Ethic freestyle scooters are without discussion one of the best scootering brands in the world. Choose from well known models intended for the skatepark, such as the Ethic Erawan, which weighs only 3kgs and will serve perfectly for any rider looking for a higher quality scooter and willing to take his tricks to the next level. Quality components and progressive solutions let you upgrade the scooter with new, better or larger components exactly according to your needs.

In addition to high-quality skatepark scooters, the French Ethic also offers reliable street completes. The Pandora model is even available in two different sizes to suit all riding categories.

Ethic Erawan V2 S
Ethic Erawan V2 M
Ethic Pandora M
  • -15%
Ethic Pandora L
  • -15%