Chaya by Powerslide

The German manufacturer Powerslide has a lot of experience in the field of roller skates. Although they became famous thanks to inline skates, they also used to start with classic roller skates. As a result, they know the roller skate market like no one else. Chaya is a brand belonging to a German manufacturer focused only on roller skates.

The origin of the word Chaya is in Hebrew and means "life". Roller skating means life to many people, and Chaya tries to reflect that in its products.

The brand's assortment includes a wide range of high-quality roller skates, from lifestyle models, through models intended for the park to roller derby.

There has never been more innovation in the world of roller skates than when Chaya started making them. Therefore, their goal is to become the best and largest manufacturer of roller skates in the world. You will recognize the difference from the first moment you put on the skates and try them.

So don't hesitate and choose your Chaya too.

Chaya Melrose Premium Juniper Green
  • -40%
Chaya Melrose Deluxe Turquise 2023
  • -31%
Chaya Big Softie´s - Outdoor Wheels 4-Pack
Chaya Cherry Bomb Toe Stop Flat Short
  • -30%
Chaya Ice Classic White
  • -25%
Chaya Blossom Outdoor Wheels 4-Pack