Blunt Blunt freestyle scooters

Blunt freestyle scooters

The Australian brand Blunt started already in 2009 with the production of components that were compatible with the kits already available at that time. In addition to chromoly handlebars, clamps and metalcore wheels, the brand also became famous thanks to cult products such as Stripper, Smith or Candy handlebars.

Blunt freestyle scooters have always been known for their extra quality components that took scootering to a higher level. The innovative design of Prodigy scooters or the widest collection of signature products are also legendary. In the past, they introduced also a wider 30 mm wheel for greater stability, which is compatible with 3 bearings at once.

Prodigy scooter models are often the bestselling ones. They combine a timeless design, 120 mm wheels, quality components and low weight. Their street alternative is equipped with a less common combination of IHC compression and steel handlebars, which makes it a light and exceptional model.

Blunt Prodigy S9
  • -17%
Blunt Prodigy S9 Street
  • -17%
Blunt KOS S7 Soul
Blunt KOS S7 Charge
Blunt KOS S7 Heist
Blunt Prodigy S9 XS
  • -13%
Blunt Prodigy X Street
Blunt Prodigy X