Rollerskating Workshop with Nadja (@borynec)

Rollerskating Workshop with Nadja (@borynec)

Improve your rollerskating skills and learn new dance moves with us. Pro skating instructor Nadja Borynec is coming to Bratislava and we would like to invite you to join us on our first ever rollerskating workshop. Nadja is a skilled instructor who is also a great dancer and a skatepark rider. 

Workshop structure

Workshop consists of two two-hour blocks. The first one starts at 16:30 on Saturday 4th march 2023 and lasts until 18:30. Workshop entry fee includes also entry for our Roller Disco which will take place from 19:00 until 22:00. Nadja will join us at Roller Disco too, so you can try everything you have learned there and keep getting to know each other. We will continue the next day with the next part of workshop, which will start 13:00 and will last until 15:00. We will try to meet before the workshop starts, so we will have enough time to get ready and take advantage of whole two hours of the workshop. Both workshops complement each other and the second one builds on the basics learned during the first one. The whole workshop is good for beginners and also for advanced skaters, who can fine tune their basics skill and then build on those. Number of participants is limited, so Nadja would be able to provide an individual approach to each skater. 

What can you expect from the workshop: 

We will start with beginner friendly moves, which will suit everyone. We can connect those in some simple choreo and then we will proceed with some more advanced moves, while begginers will always have a simpler version available. We will train for example: C-Step, Hurrican Kick (or Pendelum), Crazy Legs, Dips, Footwork and Crisscross. We included a slot for tips/feedback in the sign up form, so you can include there what you are actually interested in and Nadja can slightly adjust the workshop so it will meet everyone needs. 

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Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa Rollerskate Hamburg (@borynec)

About Nadja

Nadja Borynec is dancing on her skates and rides them in skatepark too. She loves to dance free on her rollerskates and put the moves together to go with the flow and the music. As a sports teacher, she likes personal approach with her students and wants them to do the moves properly and find their own style . Nadja tries to connect a healthy way of learning and supports everyone in learning together.  Her goal is, that everybody is having fun together and working on their own level. Everybody has a different way of learning and progress and her goal is to find out how to push everyone to their own limits.

Zobraziť tento príspevok na Instagrame

Príspevok, ktorý zdieľa Rollerskate Hamburg (@borynec)

Basic information:

Price of the workshop: 40EUR (Roller disco entry fee included)

Payment terms: we will send you payment details for a wire transfer, after your sign up

Duration: 2x 2 hours 

Sign-up form:

Maximum number of participants: 20

Where will the workshop take place: Old sports hall of Dom Športu, street: Junácka 6, 83104 Bratislava

How to get to the sports hall from Vivo shopping center: