We organize Roller disco in Bratislava since 2017. It all started when we were organizing indoor speedskating trainning and with the growing popularity of roller skates, we knew that this would be a great opportunity to skate even in winter for absolutely everyone.

Who is the event intended for?

Roller disco is suitable for everyone. likewise for riders on two-row skates and also for inline skaters. advanced and ambitious skaters who want to try and perfect tricks and dance creations, those who just want to skate and also beginners will find their place. if you need help with your first steps on skates, we are available and will be happy to explain the basics. the event is of course also suitable for children.

About the venue

The event takes place in the old part of "Dom Športu". The entrance is from the back of the hall (opposite the newew sports hall) and we will make sure that the entrance is sufficiently marked in the area. The Sports Hall has a smooth surface and a large area for skating. We will mark out a skating rink all around, where anyone can skate. In the middle, we will leave space for freestyle slalom and also for trying anything you can think of. Music included. 

Entrance fees and registration

The entrance fee is 4EUR. It is not necessary to register for the event in advance.

Rollerskates rental

If you want to try rollerskates and you don't know if it's right for you, you can rent the skates. However, in order to avoid disappointment, it is necessary to book skates in advance. Finally, we will bring booked skates to the venue of the event. If you are interested in renting, write an e-mail to: info@spineo.sk. Please include your phone number in the reservation, just in case something changes. We will confirm the reservation by e-mail. We will have plenty of extra pairs on site regardless of bookings, but we do not recommend relying on them. The deadline after which we can no longer guarantee skates reservation for rental is the last Friday before the event at 12:00. Reservations for skates are only valid for the first hour of the Roller disco. If you do not pick them up during the first hour, we will offer the skates to other interested skaters. The rental fee is 6 EUR (6 EUR per rental + 4 EUR entrance = 10 EUR for a skater who borrows skates).

How do I find out about the next event?

Until recently, we created a new blog post for each Roller disco. Because of this, all the information was not clear in one place. That's why we created this subpage, where you will find all the necessary information you will need to participate.

Pre informácie o konkrétnom dátume môžeš:

  • prihlásiť sa na odber Roller disco newslettra, ktorý využívame len na informovanie o konaní Roller disco (žiadne reklamy)
  • sledovať nás na sociálnych sieťach. Najlepšie na Instagrame
  • uložiť si alebo sledovať prehľadný "Spineo korčuliarsky google kalendár" viď nižšie, kde sú jednotlivé akcie prehľadne zobrazené
  • priebežne sledovať túto podstránku alebo novinky na našom blogu

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