Finga Fingerboards Introduction

Finga Fingerboards Introduction

Finally new fingerboarding brand has landed in our offer. Finga fingerboards is a czech company founded by Petr Ptáček, fingerboarding world championn from 2013, 2014 and also 2015. 

He used to make all his fingerboarding deck by himself from beginning and they improved a lot over time. With new generations, the production started to be much more accurate and precise. Until now, Petr is the only one taking care of the production. As he says, he is doing everything from cutting the wood, grinding, glueing, coloring and also packing the final product. That gives the brand exceptional quality and originality. 

Generation G5 was the most popular shape. The most important changes were that the decks had coloured plys, they were wider for better control and also the designs were updated. In 2009 Finga Burned Letters was introduced. These decks had unique laser etched logos included in their bottom layer,  which were extra cool. 

Newest generation are Finga Slim decks, which were introduced in 2011 after long development. These decks are very precise and most of the production is still handmade, which enables the brand to still represent the same values. 

Slim deck are much lighter and thinner, then the previous generation, which gives the deck better feel. Decks are precisely finished and varnished finish makes them last longer. They have also coloured ply, to match the design. The design gets scratched while riding after time, exactly like real skateboard.  


Finga brand made its name also thanks to viral "Finga fingerboards Outdoor Spot 2014" video. Enjoy it and if you are interested, check out our offer or stop by at our store.