Bauer Bauer Inline Skates

Bauer Inline Skates

Bauer is a leading hockey brand. It lives up to its reputation also in the field of inline skates. If you are serious about preparing for winter season, Bauer inline skates should be the number one choice. Choose from the entry models, which are softer and more forgiving, if you are looking for something suitable for recreational use, or choose one of the premium stiffer models, which guarantee maximum agility and also energy transfer. When choosing, you can also consider the hardness of the wheels. Complete inline skates equipped with softer wheels (below 80A) are intended for indoor hockey on a special surface on which they guarantee maximum grip, while models with harder wheels better withstand outdoor use on ordinary asphalt or concrete.

Bauer RS 19 YTH
Bauer RS 19 JR
Bauer RSX
Bauer RSX JR
Bauer Vapor RH X3 SR