K2 K2 Inline Skate Wheels

K2 Inline Skate Wheels

In the K2 Wheels for Skates subcategory, you will find a wide selection of wheels designed for all types of inline skates. Choosing the right wheels is crucial for achieving optimal speed, maneuverability, and comfort while skating. K2 wheels are known for their quality and performance, making them an ideal choice for both recreational and advanced skaters.

Advantageous Wheel Packages with Bearings

For skaters who want to enhance the performance of their skates, we offer advantageous wheel packages with bearings. These sets are ideal for those looking for a comprehensive solution to improve skating properties. Our packages include high-quality bearings that ensure a smooth and fast ride, significantly enhancing the overall skating experience.

Types of Wheels According to Needs

In our selection, you will find wheels of various sizes and hardness to meet different skaters' needs:

  • Smaller wheels (72-80 mm): Ideal for beginners and recreational skaters who need greater stability and maneuverability.
  • Medium wheels (84-90 mm): Great for fitness skaters looking for a balance between speed and maneuverability.
  • Large wheels (100-110 mm): Designed for advanced and competitive skaters who need maximum speed and efficiency on long rides.

Care and Maintenance

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of K2 wheels, regular maintenance is important:

  • Wear Check: Regularly check the condition of the wheels and, if necessary, rotate them between each other to evenly distribute wear.

Visit our K2 Wheels for Skates subcategory and choose the best wheels for your skates. With K2 wheels, you will always be ready for a perfect ride!

K2 Booster 72mm 80A (8ks)
K2 Booster 72mm 80A ILQ5 (8ks)
  • -35%