How to start with fingerboarding

How to start with fingerboarding

Whether you want to begin with fingerbaording or you just want to learn new cool skill, we will try to guide you through all necessary fingerboarding basics. 

Choosing first fingerboard

Your first fingerboard does not have to be extra expensive. You can start with simple Tech-Deck. This brand is famous for its plastic fingerboards, which are cheap and great entry level models for this hobby. 

Higher quality alternative is a wooden fingerboard. You can choose from models starting at 25EUR. Some of them are assembeed and some of them need  to be assembled. Wooden deck has much better responsiveness, it as also equipped with a soft foamtape instead of regular griptape and has proper wheels with CNC bearings. Most premium fingerboards are equipped with polyurethane wheels. 

So you got your first fingerboard, what now? 

If you got yourself an assambled fingerboard, you can start with your trainning right away. If you need to assamble your new complete, maybe just remember to: Ak máš fingerboard poskladaný, nemáš čo riešiť a môžeš začať trénovať. Ak si potrebuješ fingerboard poskladať, nezabudni na pár detailov týkajúcich sa napríklad:

  •  have your trucks facing the right way
  • depending on length of screws, you might want to attach the trucks first and stick the foam tape at last (a bit different order compared to regular skateboard).
  • tightening the wheels, but not too much, they have to be able to spin freely
  • checking on your components reguraly

So now it is time to start with your trainning. Youtube can be great inspiration, so we will post here som of ours favourite videos.

Most basic trick – Shuvit

Flip your fingerboard 180°. It will give you basic feel for the trick. Right as you will master shuvit, you can add small jump and you will get a Pop Shuvit.  


Ollie seems to be quite basic, but its actually not the easiest one. On the other hand, right as you will proceed and master Ollie, gates for all the other tricks and combos. Thanks to Ollie, you can jump on various obstacles, slide and grind. You can add variability to your tricks thanks to riding manual . 


So you have mastered basic Ollie. You can go to highe rlevel now. You can try grinds, boardslides, edges, manual riding on the box etc. For more variaty, you can pick som of the fingerboarding obstacles


Kickflip belongs to one of the cooler and harder tricks to perform. You will impress everyone around you with kick flip for sure. For training purpose, watch attached video.