How it all started

My name is Jaromír Ščepka and I have been doing sports since young age. When I was 8 years old, my parents signed me up for ice hockey with my brother. I played ice hockey in HK Ružinov until I was 15 years old. Here I got all my basic skating skills, but my sports career didn't end here. I was able to try a role of ice hockey referee and played floorbal. 


I tried my first inline skates allready when playing ice hockey. It used to be a great way to improve my fitness or have some fun. The breaking point came, when I was 18 years old and got a chance to try an inline speedskating race thanks to a friend.  It was a night race, taking place in small austrian city Laa an der Thaya. I was skating on borrowed 5-wheel skates with softboot and got overlaped by skilled skaters more than one time. In that season, I had a chance to try few more local speed skating races. 

Beginnings of InlineBSS

In the next season, I had a chance to become a part of local inline speedskating club in Bratislava  InlineBSS. Thanks to a lot of awesome members, I had a chance to attend many races in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland and others. After some years I wass fortunate enough to try trainning with much more pro oriented skaters from Vienna


In 2009 after first speed skating achievements, I was able to attend European Championships in Oostende, Belgium. At the end of this succesful season I managed to win inline category of International Piece Marathon in Košice.  

In the next year I became slovak national inline speed skating marathon champion and I got second place at slovak halfmarathon championships.


The result of my skating passion was e-shop which I have started in 4th grade of my university studies. I knew, that I got awesome experiences, which I can give to my customers and provide them great added value. As my stock of products was growing and my studies slowly ending, I knew, that I will have to decide what's next. I knew that for the shop to be physically present will be pretty important, so I have decided to open a brick and mortar store. I have opened the store in August 2012 on Černyševského street in Bratislava. The main focus was professional advice which was gained through my skating career. I have always cared and tried to offer customers high quality products. Right from the start we were also providing inline skating service with my father, which helped a lot of skaters and made the skating experience much more pleasant for them. 


But thats not where my inline skating career ended. Eventhough I felt pressure, which everyone who starts a business feels, I was able to place second on 100km race in Oberschleißheim (next to Munich). Major part of this long distance skating success was addition of road cycling to my trainning routine. Strengthened by this success I have participated at next 100km race in Lausitzer Seenland (Germany). and I was able to win this one with a time of 3h 4 minutes on 104km distance, which meant avarage speed of 34km/h. 2nd place on an 5-hour endurance race which took part on Masaryk circuit in Brno was a nice bonus.

I knew that if I want the shop to succeed in future, we will need to widen our offer and be able to serve more customers. In 2015 was expanded with its czech version. Thanks to it, brand Spineo emerged. It did not take long and next to czech version, also hungarian version and romanian was added. As we were able to open these shops, also the sortiment of the shop grew and Spineo became specialist covering action sports like rollerskating, freestyle scootering and also skateboarding.  

After 8 years on Černyševského street, it was time to move to a bigger and nicer space. After some time, we were able to inovate also our e-shop and that was an ideal opportunity to rebrand also to and unite everything under one brand. The next part of the story is being written also by you our customers. You are the ones, who helped us to get here. We will continue to guarantee awesome customer service, push action sports scene further and take care of good offer of high quality products.