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Skull Fingerboards Fingerboards

Skull Fingerboards Fingerboards

Choose your fingerboard according to the material and don't forget the obstacles. Practice the same tricks as on a big skateboard and improve. If you don't want to invest too much at the beginning, you can also start with an ordinary plastic fingerboard. For better execution of tricks, choose a wooden model. Different obstacles not only allow you to progress in tricks, but are also a source of endless fun.

Plastic models of finger skateboards are more affordable. The board is made of plastic and the griptape is scratchy on the surface for maximum grip. The wheels are also made of plastic and in this price category they can even do without the use of bearings. The most famous pioneer in this category is the world-famous Tech-Deck brand. It sells all its products under the license of professional skate brands, thanks to which many fingerboards can also acquire collector value.

Wooden models are suitable for everyone who wants to treat themselves with a higher quality and a more pleasant riding feeling when fingerboarding. The boards are made of several pressed layers of wood. Griptape is soft and foamy for a better grip. In the cheaper wooden models, the wheels are made of plastic and fitted with CNC bearings. More expensive professional models also have wheels made of real polyurethane. In addition, you can choose wooden fingerboards in the width you like. Narrower models are more agile and turn faster in the air, wider ones can be more stable. Among the most famous brands are the German BlackRiver and BerlinWoord, the Russian manufacturer ProFB and also the American TeakTunning. Some sets are available already assembled, some you will have to assemble yourself at home. The advantage of higher quality models is also the possibility to purchase spare parts. Whether it's a new griptape, trucks, wheels or a new wrap. With fingerboard obstacles, you can take your tricks to a whole new level. You can choose from wooden or concrete obstacles created according to realistic designs. You can also diversify your tricks with different aluminum rails.

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